Develop your reputation, get
found, and attract a following

You probably have a web site, blog, and a LinkedIn profile. If you are on the leading edge, you are on Facebook, and have posted videos on YouTube. But is all of this giving you exposure? Are you being called by media? And how are you doing in your search engine rankings?

In this 143 page book, learn key skills, including...

  • How to prevent others from hijacking your identity on aggregator web sites.
  • How an Anchor and Outpost strategy can significantly increase your exposure - and your search engine ranking.
  • How to develop your own YouTube Channel.
  • How to have your blog entries automatically appear within
  • How to update your "status" on all of the social networking sites with one click.
  • How to use QR Codes to help drive real-world users to your web properties.
  • How pay-per-click advertising fits into the mix.
  • Which PR sites you should join - and which you should not.
  • How to use Social Bookmarking to extend your time investment even further.
  • How to monitor your reputation.
  • How to significantly cut down your maintenance time by using the hidden integration power of the social networks.
  • And much, much more!

You have spent an entire career developing your expertise...
why not let people know about it?

Online PR and Social Media Buy Now

Online PR and Social Media for Associations and Not-for-Profits

2nd edition - Sept 2013. The 1st edition is now out-of-print (and vastly out of date!)
Online PR and Social Media for Associations Book

Build your reputation and engage your stakeholders; step-by-step information on building and managing an Association's Social Media strategy and Risk Management Policies.

We are currently updating this to a completely new 2nd edition.

About the Author

Randall Craig serves on the National Board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, President of the consulting firm 108 ideaspace, and the author of seven books, including the bestseller Personal Balance Sheet, Social Media for Business, and the recently released Everything Guide to Starting an Online Business.